I can now offer peace of mind caravanning with my all new Parts and labour warranty, I can offer  6, 12, 24, 30 and 36 Months warranty on all caravans up to 15 years old, These Warranties can be used nation and European wide. If you have a problem whilst on holiday you can phone the warranty company And they will put you in touch with the nearest nationwide Approved repairer who will assist you


 I have always offered a 3-month warranty on all my caravans in

 Keeping with customer's statuary rights but can now extend this


All my caravans have a full pre-delivery habitation inspection and chassis service including brakes, tyres, towing hitch etc, also all gas appliances are tested and pressure checked as well               


                                              WHAT IS COVERED


           EXTERIOR EQUIPMENT                           INTERNAL EQUIPMENT


  1. Braking System                                         1. Auxiliary Electrics (240 Mains)

  2. Chassis                                                       2. Cassette Toilet

  3. Running Gear                                            3. Cooker/Oven

  4. Suspension]                                              4.  Fridge (Gas & 240)

  5. Towing Mechanism                                  5. Heating System (Gas & 240)

                                                                        6. Hot Water System (gas & 240)